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By signing the documents provided by the company such as invoices, contracts and references, and filling the forms provided in the website, you consent in an express, free and voluntary way that you authorize CAROLINA ESTEFAN S.A.S. to handle your personal information, such as: name, ID number, telephone number, e-mail address, contact address, financial, bank or credit information; which will be treated for the following matters:

To gather, to check and to store the information
To use or to circulate the personal information during the time that is reasonable and necessary
To transfer to third parties the personal information for marketing effects
To collect debt and inform credit centrals if necessary
To suppress the information in case already it is no longer necessary.

The above-mentioned handling will be managed for the following purpose:

For internal storage in the company’s database.
To establish, maintain and update the commercial relationship
To guarantee the efficiency and security of the transactions that are carried by the company
For the recognition and protection of the rights of the company’s shareholders
To provide a thorough service for the customer
To manage the client’s claims accurately
To send information about promotions and services, as well as to develop activities regarding marketing, statistics, research, commercialization, and / or other commercial intentions.
For the strengthening of the customer relationship by means of sending relevant information
To check balances and proceed to charge contracted services
For the the fulfillment of legal and / or contractual obligations
To improve and to promote products and services
For judicial or administrative requirements, and for the fulfillment of judicial or legal mandates
For the sharing of personal information to third parties which contracts have been made in order to complete the company’s services
To manage all the information necessary for the fulfillment of tax debts and of commercial, corporate and accounting data
To send information about new products or services, news and other information that the company considers suitable
To share the personal information with companies of services or companies that help fulfill activities CAROLINA ESTEFAN S.A.S requires.

You accept that your personal information will be put at the reach of the personnel in charge of the corresponding activities inside the company, without excluding the possibility of being transferred to managers, consultants, advisers, and external offices as it is necessary to fulfill the aforementioned purposes.

Likewise, the client admits and accepts that CAROLINA ESTEFAN S.A.S has informed them fully and sufficiently of their rights as owners of their own personal information, to know, update and rectify this information towards the people in charge of the handling. Also, to request proof of the authorization granted to the person in charge of the handling, to revoke the authorization and / or to request the suppression of the information when necessary or when not being handled correctly.

Having signed the present document, the client declares, admits and accepts that the information supplied to CAROLINA ESTEFAN S.A.S voluntarily, is true and that has not been omitted or altered. Additionally, that they are aware of the Policies of CAROLINA ESTEFAN’S data processing, which is available in the website, where it will be kept to your disposition in the latest version available.

Having purchased Carolina Estefan’s products, the client declares the terms and conditions stipulated by the company are understood for and accepted, and therefore they authorize Carolina Estefan S.A.S to use the information provided for the purposes established in our Privacy Policy giving fulfillment to the statutory law 1581 of 2012, and the regulation decree 1377 of 2013 (Colombia).

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